Tico S. Burbank, CA

I drop my car at Zoom Auto Body shop on Monday got the car back at the same week. Picked up from Enterprise rental car didn't have to wait more that 5 minute. Car painted perfectly when it was done it looked almost completely brand new. His prices were the best around, and the quality of his work is superior. I was very satisfied! I recommend Zoom Auto Body Shop to everyone. Thank you very much for great job Andrey.

Jennifer F. Altadena, CA

Andrey is the best! I damaged my trunk door and my car dealer's auto body shop quoted me 1500 for a replacement. Andrey fixed my door to its original mint condition for 300. The quality of his work is superb and his prices are extremely fair. Five gold stars!!!!

Kristen K. Pasadena, CA

Honest, quick, friendly, and skilled. What more could you want in an auto body shop? I stopped by here to pick up my car after having it re-painted and was immediately invited to breakfast and coffee with the staff. More importantly, the price was right and the work outstanding. There should be no reason to go to any other auto body shop. For repairs, head to Accurate Autoworks down the street.

BRADY B. Pasadena, CA

Zoom: to examine more closely or in greater detail; focus on.

While this is the standard definition, this shop, it's owner and the guys working there are anything but standard.

If you're like me and want people to work on your car with the same attention to detail as they would their own, Zoom is the place to focus in on!

Seriously, I came in with a smashed up front end on a pretty expensive Benz, and it came out looking brand new. We had a little complication with a tricky factory certified part, but they went out of their way to make sure it was fixed...and even called to check up a few weeks after all was said and done. Truly a 5 star shop!

Jay F. South Pasadena, CA

I've been a loyal customer for about 15 years. I originally started coming here with the previous owner had the place. He was VERY good at repairs and the best prices anywhere. My first visit, I had put a large gash in my bumper and got an estimate at a shop close to my work, the bill was going to be a LOT, don't remember the exact cost (again about 15 yrs ago), when I came here it was literally half. I crossed my fingers hoping it would look decent and it looked brand-spanking-new. I've been a loyal customer ever since.

When Andre purchased the shop many years ago, he not only continued with the fantastic repairs and rock bottom prices, but he added a very comfortable waiting area which was sorely lacking, yes, I'm a girl and don't want to be around yucky mechanics' grimy work tables, nothin' wrong with dat, right?

Now, I have probably had half dozen or more experiences with Zoom for one car or another and he still is the cheapest in town. Recently a man crashed my front light and fender while parking. He was so nice and decent to leave a note (I wasn't there), that I felt I had to do some due diligence and confirm Zoom was still the cheapest. I checked Yelp and took the car to 2 other shops before confirming yet again that Zoom could not be beat.

Also recently had to sell my station wagon because our family grew. To get top dollar for the car, it needed some small fixes to the bumper. I explained the situation to Andre and after talking about about our options, he came up with a very good solution and made the car look beautiful! It sold for exactly what we needed, which wouldn't have happened if it didn't look brand new.

I also recently brought my minivan after someone ran into me (I'm not going to list all my visits, but you do 'get' that I'm a "frequent flyer", right?). He not only fixed the rear bumper but also fixed up some other scratches with touch up paint and fixed the "skirt" on the front bumper which was hanging off improperly for a while (I had sorta forgotten about that).

Again, I have more examples, but they all end the same way, Andre is very personable, honest, diligent and takes pride in a job well done and at the best prices in town. Five stars? You bet!

Steve L. Pasadena, CA

Great price. Delivered exactly what was promised when it was promised.

I had to have two cars fixed so I shopped around and found their prices to be very fair. They did a great job with both cars. So good I brought one back when my daughter crashed it again a few weeks later. It has now been about a year and everything still looks great!

Karen H. Pasadena, CA

This is a relationship that has lasted for years, approx 16 to date. I first discovered Zoom when the former owner was there with Andre by his side. They took care of my need as far as my car was concerned, but more importantly they took care of me my concerns, worries, my overall best interest. I have since driven other cars, but if and when I have a problem Zoom Auto Body is where turn for great service and customer care, Thank you Andre...

Nikita S. Azusa, CA

Andrey and his Zoom team really know how to treat a customer! I got three quotes to replace my right and left front fender panels. Zoom was at least $100 cheaper than the other guys. Andrey gave me a thorough estimate by really inspecting my car, the damage, and the material/labor involved. The other guys just gave my car the once-over and couldn't give me a reliable estimate because "there may be other necessary parts we won't know about until later." With Zoom, I received courteous, honest, professional service in a timely manner. Can't write enough about an autobody shop you can trust... one in a million!

Kevin K. Pasadena, CA

Honest, prompt, ethical, responsive -- I'm glad that I took our car to his shop fix the front bumper damage, not only his price is very reasonable but also have done great job, it looks like a brand new bumper. Highly recommended!

Remy H. West Covina, CA

I was referred to this body shop by the man who accidentally hit me. He told me that the service was outstanding and that the prices are reasonable. He also said that they are very honest and polite. After hearing this, I decided to check them out on Yelp and I was impressed. I went to two other body shops to get an estimate (West Covina Auto body & Auto werks) but I was most impressed with the service that zoom provided.

I was greeted as soon as I stepped out of my car. Andre was very detailed and honest with me. I especially like that he took the time to break things down and he made sure that I understood. He gave me a pretty accurate time frame as to when my car would be complete. The only thing I didn't like was that he told me he'd be in touch to keep me up to date on the repairs, but I did not receive any phone calls. I was only made aware of requests for more money through geico.

Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for anything. I was very happy with the repairs. My car looked brand new! (well, on the side that was fixed!) Andre went an extra step and touched up the paint all along the driver's side and I had key scratches on both doors. I am going to go back and have my entire car repainted because it looks so good!


I was recently in a car accident and my car was hit by a driver who was charged with a DUI. Andrey is the best. He offered to drive me to the rental car agency Enterprise Rental Car so I would not be inconveniced from because I have cancer and have doctors appointments 4 days per week. Andrey is honest, does beyond quality work and the day he was scheduled to release the car to me he noticed the brakes went flat to the floor and because I was hit by a DUI driver, Andrey would not release the car to me because he was concerned about my safety. Andrey is honest hardworking and went above and beyond to help me and did an excellent job in repairing my car and also called my insurance company to have the brakes repaired because the driver who hit me was uninsured.

I give him a 10 star rating.

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